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SUNcéBEAT 4 Croatia (Southport Weekender) “Review” by Patricia Raimundo

Escrito por em Agosto 7, 2013

SUNcé BEAT 4 (Southport Weekender)

What can I say? I cannot put into words the amazing time I had in SUncé Beat, once again! Unbelievably it keeps astonishing and delighting me every year! And I wasn’t even supposed to go this time.

I feel nothing but blessed to have experienced such magical and joyful moments. In the Croatian wonderful setting… the blue and warm sea, the starry sky… I was completely lost in music in here for 5 days and nights. Surrounded by the most beautiful crowd I now call Family. It filled my heart to meet such lovely friends and new ones I made. Incredible atmosphere and energy that only we can bring! The Love for the music that brings us all together is something that I treasure the most.

Thinking about my favorite sets (I missed some because of the painful clashes and the needed time to sleep), Osunlade totally smashed it every time he played! I can say we all agree on that. It sounded too good to be true that he was going to play 1 more hour, in the ending, on Tuesday night at the Beach Stage. And guess what? He played 2 hours. OMG, how is it possible my feet don’t hurt?

Also to Timmy Regisford, Joe Claussel, Kerri Chandler, Karizma, Souldynamic, Luis Radio, Mark Stone, Andy Ward, Master D, Martin Lodge, Lil Stevie, Steve Butler, Sarah Favouritizm and of course, The Amazing Gregory Porter, a big Thank You!

Getting now slowly back to reality (facebook posts and comments keep taking us back in there) I feel sad because it’s over but mostly happy because we had it! We have now the pictures, the videos and the memories, the laughs, the smiles, the happy times to cherish until next July, when the magic will live again! But first we have our Big Southport Weekender 50! Can’t wait!

Big Thanks & Love & Respect to Alex Lowes, Dave Gardner, Gavin Kendrick an Nick Connolly, and everyone who made me smile over this amazing week in Croatia.


Patricia Raimundo | Soulful Chic Public Relations – Portugal

SUNcéBEAT 4 (Southport Weekender) “Review” by Patricia Raimundo – Croatia July 2013