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Rest in paradise, Nicole Mitchell. You will be missed, but never forgotten…

Escrito por em Abril 21, 2020

On the last April 19, just a few days ago, Soulful Chic family woked up with such terrible news. Our dear Nicole Mitchell is no longer with us.

Such a fabulous artist and human being, Nicole as touched us with her radiant and contagious smile. She always embraced us from the first note and made us dance, cry, laugh and sing along every time we had her on the microphone!

We had the pleasure to have her joining us on Soulful Chic Radio 1st Anniversary here in Portugal. Every single soul in there, who never seen her performing, fell absolutely in love and got hooked to her range of power and that unique sound of her own.

Nicole was recording soul and house music in the U.K., Switzerland, Chicago, Portugal and South Africa and was releasing songs since 2010 what took her to the top 100 on the house music charts 4 times. Her single “Missing You” with our dear Carlos Vargas was voted one of the top 100 songs of 2011 in Portugal.

Today our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.
Rest in paradise, Nicole. You will be missed, but never forgotten…

Patricia Raimundo | Soulful Chic Public Relations – Portugal