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IPM – International Promoters Meeting Rome “Diary” by Patricia Raimundo

Escrito por em 26 Agosto 2013

“A four days conference and festival held in a spectacular theatre: Rome.

IPM is the perfect place to meet, exchange experiences and case histories of success, and discuss how to detect the weak signals of the future.

IPM means having the opportunity to do business and showcases while enjoying the beauty of the Roman summer, filled up with lots of workshops.

A market where the artists can show off their talents in front of some of the best international promoters and music lovers in the world.

IPM is an occasion to have fun in unique locations where artists and promoters bring state of the art music innovations, which are some of the results of the conference’s rich program.”

Indeed for me, as a promoter, my 1st IPM experience was the perfect place to meet, exchange experiences and case histories of success and also to spend a great time with so many good friends of mine, listening at the same time such Quality House Music. I feel blessed!

I arrived in Rome on Thursday but, unfortunately, I missed the Conference and some events because I also wanted to visit the city. My 1st time in Rome. Wow, what a beautiful city!

IPM kick off for me was @ The Radio Londra party. Where I met my UDM Show family, my friends from London… Martin Lodge who played such a beautiful soulful set (as usual), my friends Luis Radio and Alessio Fabrizi – the IPM headman himself – and Mr. Aaron Ross, in person, finally.
Here we had the pleasure to listen our sweet Kenny Bobien aka The king of Gospel, who just blew my mind, once again, with some of his amazing songs.

Then, Saturday afternoon – let’s check the program and the lineup and here we go to … IPM The Beach Session @ La Rambla. And what a sunshiny happy day it was! 30 something degrees, dancing with your feet on the sand, so many good friends and smiley faces. On the decks, Aaron Ross, Souldynamic, Mr. V, Tony Humphries… dropping beautiful tunes, classics and new ones, with vocals, instrumental, Soulful, Deep and Old school ones… until the sun goes down. What else can I ask for?

… Ok, let’s go now and have some typical Italian dinner. With a proper expresso in the end, because next step is IPM Promoters Festival!!
What an amazing venue. With Room 26 inside!! Great sets from Mark Stone, Lil Stevie, Mr. Terry Hunter… Barbara Tucker, Natasha Watts Live. Fabulous night! Big fun!

Next day was the big day! Now I know why they call it The Legendary Rome Pool Party!
I woke up listening the music from the pool and obviously I jumped off the bed, bikini on and knock at my friends rooms!!! Good morning sunshine!
Risk Sound System was playing. 1st time I listened to them live and became a big fan! I missed your set in SUNcéBeat (Southport Weekender) but I will definitely see you guys in October @ ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event)!
Sy Sez, Neil Pearce, Luis Radio, Kenny Bobien (again) and Spen in the end just Killed It. “People were dancing… there was a feeling!” Joyful moment when he dropped “Off the Wall” – Michael Jackson and many more beautiful tunes…

Great memories now, captured by lovely photos and videos. Good times to remember.
IPM 2014 bring it on!!

Love and Respect to Alessio Fabrizi, to Luis Radio, to my brother Claudio Verzola, Veronica and Dyana and to all my friends who made me dance and smile over this amazing weekend!

Patricia Raimundo | Soulful Chic Public Relations – Portugal



IPM – International Promoters Meeting “Diary” by Patricia Raimundo – Rome, July 2013